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Carolina Banjo & Tab book coming soon !


This is what happens when 2 time Florida & North Carolina banjo champion,

 Mary Z Cox

& Champion North Carolina fiddler

Tim Gardner

get together in October in the Carolina mountains and record.

There's banjo & fiddle live and upfront on some really good tunes & more!

Cello banjo, vocals, mountain dulcimer, guitar & bass. 

Billy in the Lowground, Blue, Snowdrop, I ride old Paint, TamLin/Julia Delaney, Julie Ann Johnson, Swanannoah tunnel, Shakin' Down the Acorns, Bonaparte Medley, All About You, John Stinson's Dream.  $20 + postage 



Good Morning Banjo Tab Book is fresh off the press too !

Simple clawhammer banjo tabs to the instrumentals, lyrics to the vocals, &tunings, notes, stories, & tips on playing the tunes :) $20 + postage



And if you love digital downloads & streaming--Good Morning Banjo just went live on Bandcamp ! Click this link to hear the full version of this album & short notes on the tunes are here too 








Blues, heartbreak, bluegrass, old time traditional tunes, steppy fiddle/banjo duets , my first vocal cd & yes lots of banjo too.


 Cherry River Line, Sally Ann, St. James Infirmary,Wish I Was A Mole In the Ground, Spooky, Ochlocknee River Blues, Fishers Hornpipe/Chinkapin Hunting, You Don't See It, Cat's Got the Measles & the Dog's Got the Whooping Cough, Blue Skies, Cold Rain & Snow, All I Have To Do Is Dream, Cold Frosty Morning

                                              ( BLUE SKY BANJO CD $20)  


Blue Sky Banjo Tab Book

Simple Banjo Tabs to the banjo tunes & banjo breaks on vocals & notes on how to approach playing background claw hammer by ear.   

(Blue Sky Banjo Tab Book $20)





Rich Di Silvio designed my cd cover & we were so pleased with the art that I had a few posters made at Oasis. 

(BLUE SKY BANJO POSTER $20)                                                                                                                                




Your poster will be shipped separately (I've got a few shipping tubes)


We've been recording since 1999 & have strived to make each cd unique with tunes, banjos, and guest pickers that folks like to hear more than once.  We put together the banjo tab books (simple tabs to the tunes on our cds) because of all the requests. 

Hope you'll find and order some music you like here !






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Sally Ann, Dixie, Elzic's Farewell, Johnson Boys, Cindy, Bonaparte's Retreat, Pigtown Fling, Little Black Dog Gone Trottin' Down the Road, Dunsmore Lasses, Cherokee Shuffle, Sheebeg Agus Sheemore, Sugar Hill, Napoleon Crossing the Rhine, Sandy River Belle.

" A simple no-frills collection of old time tunes on banjo...played with great delicacy and restraint. I found myself listening to it repeatedly.." Don Nitchie/editor Banjo Newsletter

 vintage banjo cd $15



Vintage Banjo Tab book $20

vintage banjo tab book




Walkin' That Banjo Home CD ($15)
Greasy Coat, Snowdrop, Westphalia Waltz, Pig Ankle Rag, Julie Ann Johnson, Southwind, Duck River, Rachael, Walkin' That Pretty Girl Home, Blackberry Blossom, Old Tobacco Hills, Old Yeller Dog, Icy Mountain, Seven Hills, Squirrel Heads & Gravy, Hunchback Liza, Last Chance
Rachael from this CD was played on NPR :)
walkin that banjo home cd
Walkin' That Banjo Home Tab Book ($20)
walkin that banjo home tab book
A Secret Life Of Banjo CD ($15)
Swannanoa Tunnel, Golden Slippers, Andrew Jackson Go Back Home, Old Town Band, Snake Charmer's Daughter, Old Molly Hare, Sandy Boys, Sally In the Garden, Soldiers Joy, All Through the Night, Hunchback Whisky, Wayfaring Stranger, Cock-a-Doodle-Do, Pikes Peak, Angeline
This is my best seller on iTunes :) Tunes from this CD are soundtracks in Canadian films on the Canadian Gold Rush & Canadian Immigration. 
secret life of banjo cd
A Secret Life of Banjo Tab Book ($20)
a secret life of banjo tab book

Banjo Dreamin' Suwannee Nights CD ---still a few hardcopy left !


Suwannee River, We Three Kings, Dinah, Shepherd's Wife Waltz, Rockin' In a Weary Land, Sweet Sunny South, Song of the Chanter, Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss, Winder Slide, Wish I Was a Mole In the Ground, John Stinson's #2, Hangman's Reel, Big Scioty, Going Back To Cairo, Light the Torch Jeannette Isabella/Good Christian Men Rejoice
Lots of folks write me to tell me this is their favorite of my CDs. 
Banjo dreamin suwannee nights cd
Banjo Dreamin' Suwannee Nights Tab Book ($15)
banjo dreamin suwannee nights tab book
Florida Banjo CD ($15)
Ponce De Leon, Spanish Fandango, Cluck Old Hen, Ragtime Annie, Yearlings In the Canebreak, Shenandoah Falls, Frankie's Blues, Yellow Rose Of Texas, Chinquipin, Waterbound, Wind That Shakes the Barley, Peach Bottom Creek, Hail Agin' the Barn Door, Turkey In the Straw, Loch Laven Castle
3 tunes from this CD are going to be in a video about Florida Cowboys :)
Florida Banjo Tab Book ($20)
florida banjo tab book
Drumming On the Edge of Banjo ($15)
Rock the Cradle Joe, Coleman's March, Tamlin, Campbell's Farewell To Red Gap, Foggy Dew, Coo Coo's Nest, Snake Charmer's Daughter, Soldier's Joy, Murat's Dream, John Bowlin's Groundhog Strut
This is the cd to buy to listen while driving in your car--its been played twice on NPR's Thistle & Shamrock--it's wonderful--don't miss it :)
drumming on the edge of banjo cd
Girl With the Banjo Tattoo CD (15)
Last Chance, Chickens Crowin' At Midnight, Scarborugh Fair, Whiskey Before Waltzing With Soldiers, June Apple, Goodbye Girls I'm Going To Boston, Morning Has Broken, Sweet Bama, Pretty Polly, Gaspe Reel, Julia Delaney, Star Of the County Down, Needed Time, Chinkapin Hunting
Cello banjo, cigar box banjo, John Bowlin fretless banjo, Lame Horse Banjo, Gabriella banjo & it got a great review from Sing Out magazine & 3 tunes were chosen as a soundtrack on a film on Canadian Immigration :)
girl with the banjo tattoo cd
Girl With the Banjo Tattoo Tab Book ($20)
There are simple banjo tabs to all of the tunes on Girl With the Banjo Tattoo & Drumming On the Edge of Banjo in this book :)


Mountain Dulcimer Book & CDs

Easy String Band Method for the Mountain Dulcimer Book & instructional CD ($20)
easystringbandmethod mountain dulcimer
Fun & easy method to learn jam tunes on the mountain dulcimer--simple tabs to:
Lychburg Town, Liza Jane, Chickens Crowin' At Midnight, Angeline, Soldiers Joy, Little Black Dog Gone Trottin Down the Road, Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss, Julie Ann Johnson, Step Around Johnny, Sally Ann, Rock the Cradle Joe, John Stinson's #2, Yellow Rose of Texas. Play along instructional CD included :)
Chickens Crowin At Midnight CD ($15)
Tam Lin, Step Around Johnny, John Stinson's #2, John Lovers Gone, Sonny Mazurka Waltz, Lynchburg Town, Old Horse & Buggy, Sweet Bama, Cluck Old Hen, Rock the Cradle Joe, Johnson Gal, Elk River Blues, Love Won't You Marry, Old Gray Cat, Spanish Fandango, Chickens Crowin At Midnight
Mountain dulcimer, claw hammer banjo, guitar, fiddle, bass--very old time sound on some wonderful tunes.
Just a reminder--all of my CDs are now available through iTunes around the world--click into the iTunes store and type in my name--Mary Z. Cox--and all the CDs will display with listening audio clips :)

Shipping--USA--1-4 items--$7.00--International 1-4 items--$35.00



Coyote Ridge Studios Oct 29, 2018 

Tim Gardner, Mary Z Cox, Darren Nicholson

Updated January 2019





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