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Blue Sky Banjo

by Mary Z. Cox

Released 2015
Released 2015
The best of Banjo, Blues, Bluegrass, Love & Heartbreak from old time banjo champion & recording artist, Mary Z Cox.
Vocals & banjo with fiddle, guitar,mandolin & bass --Mary Z's best cd ever :)
Its here--Blue Sky Banjo--my first ever vocal cd & lots of banjo too ! Only recorded my favorite songs & tunes and hope you will love them too. :)

Mary Z Cox, Vocals, banjos, ukulele, claw hammer guitar
Lis Williamson, Vocal harmony, rhythm guitar,,
Lon Williamson, Bass, lead guitar, snaps
Tim Gardner, Fiddle
Ellen Sheppard, Mandolin, rhythm guitar

Sally Ann & Fishers Hornpipe/Chinkapin Hunting recorded by Tim Gardner at Coyote Ridge Audio
Cold Frosty Morning recorded by Gordon …
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