Carolina Banjo Valentine :)


Banjo, bluegrass, blues & beyond !

Carolina Banjo is what happens when 2-time Florida & North Carolina banjo champion,
Mary Z Cox & Champion North Carolina fiddler, Tim Gardner, get together in October in the Carolina Mountains and record. And this time, Darren Nicholson dropped by the studio—adding that high lonesome bluegrass patina on mandolin & guitar.  If that weren't enough—MaryZ's new Goldtone baritone banjo debuts with deep slinky tones, and Cindy Carpenter adds her just right vocal harmony to the mix. And this is about as old school bluegrass as it gets in a modern studio—heartbeat instead of click track—tapped feet—eye signals—laughing & singing & hey let's try this!
This recording may be my best yet & its available on my website right now.
If you order in February--I'll also include a free secret code for a digital copy of Carolina Banjo :)  
 And if you forgot to order my last CD--Good Morning Banjo--remember--you can order both for the same postage :)
A special reminder for friends and family--yes--you can wait around until Christmas or birthday & you may get one for free--but I'd really appreciate it if you would go ahead & order one from me.  I have several thousand $s charged on my charge card to record and produce Carolina Banjo & if even 100 people would go ahead and order now--I could break even and have a few dollars to have the upcoming tab book printed.  
Also--banjo cds are a great gift to give loved ones too :)
Happy happy Valentines Day,
Mary Z Cox


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