Dog Days 2010

Hello Friends and family,

Hope it's cooler where you are than in Tallahassee in August. :)

Lots of fun happening with "Drumming On the Edge of Banjo."  NPR's Thistle and Shamrock played a track from it in June and now they've sent me a questionaire for more information.  Oasis just sent out the radio sampler of world music which included a track and we've been hearing from DJs across the country asking for more. :)

I have been working on a banjo tab book to go with it.  We are leaving for Ecuador and the Galapados Islands in a few days and will be back by August 31st--so I will resume work on it then and hopefully will finish in the fall.

We are greatly looking forward to seeing everyone in Charlotte in September.

Thank you to everyone who has bought our new CD or download of it.  We really appreciate your support and also all your kind words about the music. :)

Best wishes always,

Mary Z


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