More tunes in Canada this year :)

Received a check from the Bank of Canada for several tunes that will be in the soundtrack of a movie on Canadian Immigration. :) Here are the tunes they chose & the cds we recorded them on.

Pretty Polly (Girl with The Banjo Tattoo) 

- Chickens Growin At Midnight (Girl with The Banjo Tattoo)

- Swannanoa Tunnel (A Secret Life of Banjo) 

- Wayfaring Stranger (A Secret Life of Banjo) 

- Star Of The County Down (Girl with The Banjo Tattoo)

- Bonaparte's Retreat (Vintage Banjo)

- Sugar Hill (Vintage Banjo)

- Julia Delaney (Girl with The Banjo Tattoo)


- Andrew Jackson/Go Back Home (A Secret Life of Banjo)

- Sandy River Belles (Vintage Banjo)

I was pleased to see that they wanted a couple tunes from Vintage Banjo & Girl With the Banjo Tattoo as well as A Secret Life Of Banjo. 

A secret Life of Banjo

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