Happy New Year 2016

Hope you and you’re loved ones have a happy season of peace, joy, love and of course, wonderful music & a prosperous and fun new year ☺

2015 has been an exciting and fun banjo year for me ☺



Conversations with Old Time Performers

 I'm both humbled and honored that Frailin Craig Evans made the trip to Tallahassee to video interview me for this fine series . Here's an impromtu jam we had that day--it was not really a part of the interview--but was…

Florida Banjo tunes chosen for Cowboy Film :)

Yeeesss! Just when I was wondering where I'd get the funds for my next day of recording --a video company contacted me to use 3 tunes from Florida Banjo in a film they are shooting about Florida Cracker Cowboys. The…

Cold Frosty Morning 2014

This is our first new track in 3 years ! Haunting version of Cold Frosty Morning on banjo, mandolin & guitar. Listen to the full streaming version for free on Bandcamp--and if you have a dollar--please download it for your…

Finally First Place :)

I've entered the Old Time Banjo contest at the fall festival in Brevard, NC for several years--and although I've won many first places there in mountain dulcimer--the best I've ever done in that particular contest is 2nd place. 

Well, this…

More tunes in Canada this year :)

Received a check from the Bank of Canada for several tunes that will be in the soundtrack of a movie on Canadian Immigration. :) Here are the tunes they chose & the cds we recorded them on.

Pretty Polly (Girl…

2013 news !

Lots of fun happening this year !

Still time to sign up at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC for my intermediate/advanced level clawhammer banjo class for the week of April 7, 2013 ! We are going…


Mary Z. Cox/ Girl With the Banjo Tattoo

Girl With the Banjo Tattoo ( Mary Z. Cox is one of today's top clawhammer banjo players; this collection will dispel any doubt there may be about that. Fourteen traditional tunes include: Scarborough Fair, Morning Has Broken, Pretty Polly,Star of

Banjo Newsletter 2011


Here's what the editor of BNL, Don Nitchie, has to say about "Girl With the Banjo Tattoo" after a first listen.

"Here's an old-time recording for you: "The Girl with the Banjo Tattoo" by Mary Z. Cox, consisting…


Happy New Year update :)

  • Hello and a very happy new year to friends and family,
Thank you everyone that welcomed us to your town and home this past year.  We really enjoyed seeing many friends and meeting new ones in White Springs, Cashiers, Charlotte…

Dog Days 2010

Hello Friends and family,

Hope it's cooler where you are than in Tallahassee in August. :)

Lots of fun happening with "Drumming On the Edge of Banjo."  NPR's Thistle and Shamrock played a track from it in June and now…


Thistle and Shamrock (NPR)

We got a pleasant surprise yesterday.  When I was driving home from the grocery store I heard a track from Mary’s latest CD playing on “Thistle and Shamrock” (a Celtic music program) on our local public radio station.  They have…