Florida Folk Festival 2010

  Bob and I will be at the Florida Folk Festival in White Springs on Memorial Day weekend. Here is where we will be playing:   Friday/May 28th   12:30 PM  Song and Story Tent Saturday/May 29  7:00 PM Old Marble Stage Sunday/May…

Back story/ Drumming On the Edge Of Banjo

Drumming On the Edge Of Banjo/ Back Story This is not another African roots meets modern banjo cd. It began as an American story--a blend of Afro/Caribbean, Celtic, old time, and a fusion of American music from the 17th to…

Drumming On the Edge Of Banjo

Mary Z. Cox & Yazid with Afro/Caribbean, Celtic clawhammer, frailing fusion "Worldgrass" (with banjos, cello banjo, drums, percussion, pots and pans, guitar, bowed bass, mountain dulcimer, dulcimette, and featuring George Clinton on vocals.) A fusion of a 17th century colonial…

Line Notes for Florida Banjo Cd

Notes for Florida Banjo (for the inside of the CD panel) Mary Z. Cox 2008 1. Ponce de Leon (gCGCD#) Guitar: Ellen, Banjo: Mary Z., Bass: Jim Ponce de Leon came to the Americas on Columbus's second voyage. He was…

Tied To the Tracks interview

http://www.myrecordlabel.net/artistdetails.php?id=660&fns=1 There are five tracks to this interview that features the tunes: Winders Slide, John Stinson's #2, Western Cowboy, Rockin' In a Weary Land, Ponce de Leon & Liza Jane and you get to see and hear four different banjos…

BanjoQuest is here!

http://banjoquest.blogspot.com Field videos of banjoists, banjos, tunes, and banjos in locations you may or may not have seen or heard before. :)

Drumming on the Edge of Banjo

Drumming On the Edge of Banjo Two time Florida Banjo Champion, Mary Z. Cox, and African Caribbean drummer, Yazid, blend early Florida roots music in highly percussive rhythms for dancing and listening. Yazid (William Johnson), a former professor…

Dulcimer Fandango gone!

Dulcimer Fandango is now OUT OF PRINT! There may be a few copies left at CDbaby, County Sales, the Stephen Foster State Park Gift store (White Springs, Fl) and at Celestial Mountain Music (Brevard, NC), and at the…

About new banjos!

If you suspect you need a new banjo--you do. Trust your musical instincts. If a banjo calls to you to buy it, don't fight destiny. It was meant to be. :) Mary Z. Cox

Review of Ne Plus Ultra

Review Recording King ne plus ultra 036 Where Purchased Recording King Year Purchased 2008 Sound Ne Plus ultra has a white laydie style tone ring and it has a warm,yet bright tone. It is one of the nicest…