Blue Sky Banjo

Mary Z. Cox

The best of Banjo, Blues, Bluegrass, Love & Heartbreak from old time banjo champion & recording artist, Mary Z Cox. Vocals & banjo with fiddle, guitar,mandolin & bass --Mary Z's best cd ever :)

Its here--Blue Sky Banjo--my first ever vocal cd & lots of banjo too ! Only recorded my favorite songs & tunes and hope you will love them too. :)

Musicians Mary Z Cox, Vocals, banjos, ukulele, claw hammer guitar Lis Williamson, Vocal harmony, rhythm guitar,, Lon Williamson, Bass, lead guitar, snaps Tim Gardner, Fiddle Ellen Sheppard, Mandolin, rhythm guitar

Sally Ann & Fishers Hornpipe/Chinkapin Hunting recorded by Tim Gardner at Coyote Ridge Audio Cold Frosty Morning recorded by Gordon Cox All other tracks recorded by Lon Williamson at Gatorbone Studios All tracks mixed by Lon Williamson at Gatorbone Studios & mastered by Pete Winter/Winterstone Productions.

Banjos on recording: Deering GDL mermaid, Deering 22 fret John Hartford, Gold Tone Elite Classic, Lame Horse open back .

Special Thanks to everyone who helped me record this first vocal cd. Lisa Rhoades Lorenzo for vocal lessons that allowed me to have a voice of my own, Bob Cox for his encouragement to develop a solo show & generous financial support. Lis & Lon Williamson for sharing my vision of Blue Sky Banjo & giving their best for this project. Thanks to Bob Cox, Ellen Sheppard & Jim Crozier, who have played these songs with me in public and inspired me to record them. Thanks to all the folks who have listened to and bought my banjo CDs & books these last 15 years. You keep me grateful & inspired.

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